Founding Statement & Points of Unity

The United Front Against Displacement was formed to fight the displacement & criminalization of working people. In this society, working people are made to live in many different levels of insecure housing and are subject to all manner of abuse at the hands of law enforcement and landlords. It is the poor that have to share small, run down housing units with multiple families, sleeping on couches and in bath tubs. To make ends meet, many more live in RV’s and vehicles. There are tens of thousands of people forced to live on the streets of the Bay Area, and millions more across the country who are homeless and housing insecure. We work to end homelessness, which is caused by growing poverty, the rising cost of living, and the for profit nature of the real estate market.

When working people find themselves on the street, they find few options off of the street and must contend with hostile cops, city workers, NGOs, and business interests that harass them constantly. 

We work to bring housed people into the struggles of homeless people and work to unite the struggle against homelessness with surrounding tenant struggles. Only by coming together can we not only improve the situation for working people, but work towards creating a new system that will serve the needs of all people, not the wants of a few for profit.

Housing is a Human Right

Points of Unity:

We oppose all Evictions

Evictions upend lives and affect the most vulnerable in our communities, rather than improve a community. Landlords extract the maximum wealth that they can from properties that they own. They evict tenants to find wealthier tenants or to redevelop existing real estate, all to make more money! Developers often buy up houses when communities are struggling economically as speculative “investment properties,” greatly increasing rents to the point that people suddenly can’t afford to live in communities they may have spent their entire lives in. As working class neighborhoods gentrify, developers and other businesses work to eliminate informal settlements of desperate people. Most residents of homeless communities used to rent or own in the same neighborhoods from which they are “swept.” The UFAD will work to defend homeless communities from being doubly displaced and stand in solidarity with tenants battling evictions.

We oppose the criminalization and harassment of poor people 

Law enforcement targets the poorest among us, with Black, Latino and LGBTQ people facing especially brutal levels of treatment. While homeless, people find even their very existence a reason for them to encounter law enforcement. Additionally, homeless people are continually targeted by city workers (the most frequent department being the Department of Public Works) and towing companies contracted by local governments. People on the street constantly have property stolen from them, be it documents, laptops, clothes, heirlooms and entire vehicles. Towing companies steal homeless people’s vehicles to make some quick money, while city workers trash their belongings in an attempt to clear out homeless settlements. When people seek to reclaim their vehicles they often find numerous, insurmountable bureaucratic obstacles in their path. Local governments often claim that these events are meant to improve “public health” but they continually refuse to provide proper sanitation services to informal settlements, let alone resources that will help residents off of the streets. The government and it’s lackies are responsible for all crises of public health.

We work to end homelessness and want to live in a world where housing is a right for all people.

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