Cypress Village

Residents of Cypress Village in West Oakland, one of the remaining two public housing developments (the other being Lockwood Gardens in East Oakland), are working on building a tenant union. Cypress is not under imminent threat of privatization, so there is both an opportunity and a need to organize now and push back against intentional neglect and mistreatment by the Oakland Housing Authority.

Residents and organizers rallied outside the Oakland Housing Authority office on Union on February 13th to deliver a petition with nearly 100 resident signatures

Public Housing Tenants, Supporters, Petition Oakland Housing Authority, Zack Haber, January 27

Public Housing Tenants, Supporters, Protest Oakland Housing Authority Office, Zack Haber, February 18

RESIST the City of Oakland’s Encampment Management Policy! View the UFAD Statement on the plan to further CRIMINALIZE being homeless in the Town

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