UFAD and the People of Harlem River

As of now, Spring 2021, here in New York we are working to bring people together to fight the privatization of public housing developments. Recently, there is a partial victory—the scaling back of NYCHA CEO Greg Russ’s initial plan to privatize all remaining 110,000 units NYCHA (New York City Public Housing Authority) to 25,000 units under the notorious “Blueprint” (section 18) housing plan. This retreat by Privatization Czar Russ followed a month of outrage in protests and media throughout New York City.

But we are also issuing a rallying cry for the harder fight ahead, a struggle against the privatization and inevitable displacement that is still promoted by leading politicians in both parties and their friends in the leading financial institutions. These plans have been advanced by the deliberate neglect of basic repairs and maintenance of NYCHA buildings, by a strategy to run the housing into the ground and then to hand over what is left to the market.

People from the president of the US to the leading bankers in NY to the hopeful candidates in upcoming elections all are paying empty lip-service to “affordable housing” while selling out this housing to their true “stake-holders”- real-estate developers and Wall Street.

Please contact us for further discussions, protests, and to join to build a city-wide and national movement against the forces of gentrification and displacement. 

We can be reached at or 646-780-9657 or via our social media (@theUFAD)

NYC Housing Struggle is where we publish documents from NYC, including material put together with The People of Harlem River.


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