NY Senator Chuck Schumer responds to UFAD, says RAD Privatization at Harlem River Houses Should Be Stopped

On Sunday, June 13, Chuck Schumer responded to a question from The UFAD on the oneNYCHA Podcast.

The Tenants of Harlem River Houses have filed a lawsuit against the head of NYCHA, Greg Russ, demanding that privatization be stopped and that they not be forced to sign leases with private management company C&C. NYCHA and C&C are ignoring it and have begun rushing lease signings this week. Will Senator Schumer stand with the residents of Harlem River and make a statement that privatization should be halted?

Senator Schumer said “Yes… They’re saying they need privatization because they need money… If we get this $80 billion, there’s no excuse for privatization”.

To see the full podcast, visit Facebook.com/onenycha

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