Activists from UFAD confront Congressman Adriano Espaillat about privatization of Harlem River and other developments

Today in NYC, activists from UFAD confronted Congressman Adriano Espaillat about the privatization of Harlem River and other developments under the RAD project, with signs reading “Espaillat Sold out the People, Espaillat Sold Off NYCHA”

Espaillat responded to demonstrators that he did not support RAD, and that he does not support it at Harlem River. He also said if the $80 billion infrastructure bill is passed, RAD money won’t be needed. 

We were glad the congressman (this time) went on the record opposing RAD, but we’re concerned that he said RAD wouldn’t be needed IF $80 billion in infrastructure is delivered through congress.Selling out the people and their rights as tenants in public housing should not have any price tag–especially one so high democrats don’t believe themselves such a bill will pass

Rep Espaillat and Senator Schumer have to act now to halt the privatization of Harlem River and other developments. Just claiming to oppose privatization while not taking action is the same thing as supporting the ongoing privatization and displacement of the people. 

In the past Espaillat has called for the use of RAD in Harlem stating in the congressional record  “I am very appreciative of the Chairman and Ranking Member for their inclusion of Rental Assistance Demonstration (“RAD”) language in the Fiscal Year 2018 omnibus legislation. Espaillat’s congressional district has the second highest number of RAD conversions in NYCHA. 

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