Sunnydale and Potrero Hill Resident Demands

For immediate release: November 26th, 2021 
The United Front Against Displacement – Bay Area
Phone: 510-815-9978

Sunnydale and Potrero Hill Resident Demands

To: San Francisco Housing Authority, San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, The Partnership for HOPE SF (Office of the Mayor, the San Francisco Foundation, Enterprise Community Partners), San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) San Francisco Regional Office and Special Applications Center, Mercy Housing, Related California, BRIDGE Housing, Eugene Burger Management Corporation, media organizations

Sunnydale and Potrero Hill public housing tenants in San Francisco are issuing the following four demands in response to the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA) sending residents 90-day notices to leave their homes, and the pressure to sign private leases starting in December. Tenants are fighting against the continued efforts by the city government, SFHA, banks, and developers to gentrify their neighborhoods and displace them from their homes. Tenants are organizing against two privatization schemes that SFHA is pushing forward: HOPE SF and an “accelerated disposition” or privatization with the Eugene Burger Management Corporation. 

Firstly, the city’s long-term HOPE SF plan is to demolish all tenants’ homes so real estate developers can build thousands of unaffordable units and luxury condos in “mixed income developments”. The HOPE SF “public-private” partnership is merely a smokescreen to hide the fact that the developers (as well as their backers in big banks like Capital One, Chase, and Bank of America) stand to make a killing off the displacement of low-income tenants. City politicians try to sell this plan to the public by touting the shoddy, cramped high rise buildings that all current Potrero Hill and Sunnydale residents would be forced to move into if they want to stay in their neighborhoods. Now, dozens of Sunnydale households have received 90-day notices from SFHA threatening that if they do not leave their homes in December, they will be evicted.

Secondly, SFHA wants to hand over all the existing public housing buildings at Sunnydale and Potrero Hill to be managed by the Eugene Burger Management Corporation in the next year. SFHA says it will terminate hundreds of tenants’ public housing leases in the first phase this December. SFHA management has said to tenants that if they do not sign new private leases with this company to receive Section 8 Project Based Vouchers, they will lose their subsidy and have to pay thousands of dollars in rent. This is being done by a process SFHA calls “accelerated disposition.” SFHA says this privatization scheme was approved by HUD in 2019, but there is no public information about what this “accelerated disposition” entails or what rights tenants have. Tenants had absolutely no say in it, and were not even informed about it until SFHA began to send tenants 90-day notices in September that their public housing leases would be terminated. 

To justify the privatization, SFHA has intentionally neglected and mismanaged these properties for years, forcing tenants to live in dangerous and unhealthy conditions. They have miscalculated tenants’ rents, made people live in units that are too small according to SFHA’s own policies, and ignored emergency transfer requests and basic work orders. 

Tenants have made their opposition to HOPE SF clear for years. This year, tenants have been organizing meetings, holding protests at SFHA offices and City Hall, and have sent petitions and letters to SFHA, HUD, and developers. These efforts have been ignored or smeared. Tenants continue to fight and issue these demands:

Sunnydale and Potrero Hill Resident Demands 

I am joining my neighbors to fight for the following demands. As a group we will not sign leases with the Eugene Burger Management Corporation for Section 8 Vouchers, or leave our homes for demolition. SFHA and the private companies cannot bully and silence us, and we will decide together what to do to fight for our homes and for our rights. 

  1. That SFHA repair and maintain all apartments at Sunnydale and Potrero Hill and address mold, rodents, pests, plumbing, and other maintenance issues that are a result of SFHA neglect. 
  2. That all residents keep public housing leases with SFHA and that residents are not forced to sign leases with the Eugene Burger Management Corporation. 
  3. That no more residents are forced out of their homes for the HOPE SF redevelopment and no more public housing buildings are demolished. 
  4. That San Francisco Mayor London Breed designate permanent funding in the City budget to pay for mixed immigration status families to receive full subsidies for rent, and that all families regardless of immigration status pay 30% of income for rent. 

Demandas de los residentes de Sunnydale y Potrero Hill 

Me uniré a mis vecinos para luchar por las siguientes demandas. Como grupo, no firmaremos contratos de arrendamiento con Eugene Burger Management Corporation para vales de la Sección 8, ni dejaremos nuestras casas para demolición. La SFHA y las empresas privadas no pueden intimidarnos ni silenciarnos, y juntos decidiremos qué hacer para luchar por nuestros hogares y nuestros derechos. 

  1. Que SFHA repare y mantenga todos los apartamentos en Sunnydale y Potrero Hill y aborde el moho,roedores, plagas, plomería y otros problemas de mantenimiento que sean el resultado de la negligencia de SFHA. 
  2. Que todos los residentes mantengan los contratos de arrendamiento de viviendas públicas con SFHAy que los residentes no estén obligados a firmar contratos de arrendamiento con Eugene Burger Management Corporation. 
  3. Que no se obligue a más residentes a abandonar sus hogares para la remodelación de HOPE SF y que no se demuelen más edificios de viviendas públicas.
  4. Que el alcalde de San Francisco, London Breed, designe fondos permanentes en el presupuesto de laciudad para pagar a las familias con estatus migratorio mixto para que reciban subsidios completos para el alquiler, y que todas las familias, independientemente de su estatus migratorio, paguen el 30% de los ingresos por alquiler.

SunnydalePotrero Hill居民诉求 

我和我的邻居们一起提出如下诉求。我们作为一个集体拒绝和Eugene Burger Management Corporation签署第八节房屋租赁合同,也拒绝因为拆迁搬出我们的家。SFHA和私人公司 不能欺压我们,压制我们发声,我们将自己决定如何为我们的家园和权利争取。 

1. 我们要求SFHA维修和维护Sunnydale和Potrero Hill的所有公寓。解决发霉、老鼠、 害虫、下水系统问题及其他由于SFHA的忽视而造成的维护问题。 

2. 我们要求所有居民都可以保留和SFHA的公共住房租赁合同并且不被强迫和Eugene Burger Management Corporation签署租赁合同。 

3. 我们要求不再有更多的居民因HOPE SF的再发展计划而被迫离开他们的家园,不再 有更多的公共住房被拆除。 

4. 我们要求三藩市市长London Breed从城市预算中拨出一份永久资金来补贴混合身份 家庭,使所有家庭,不论其移民身份,都支付等同于收入30%的租金。 

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