For Immediate Release: SFHA Workers and Tenants Protest 3/7 at SF City Hall

On Monday March 7th at 3pm outside Mayor London Breed’s office in San Francisco City Hall [1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco] residents of Sunnydale and Potrero Hill will rally with workers of the San Francisco Housing Authority to protest the HOPE SF privatization plan of public housing which threatens to displace working class tenants and eliminate possibly hundreds of Union jobs in the US.

Sunnydale and Potrero Hill are the last two remaining public housing sites in San Francisco and are currently undergoing simultaneous privatization processes of demolition and disposition. This process will displace residents from their homes, and fire the remaining unionized workers of SFHA, replacing them with non-union labor. This process is one to rid the government of its responsibility to working class people, residents, and workers alike, and to line the pockets of already filthy rich management companies and banks. As a result of this corruption, residents and workers have come together to make these demands:

  1. Guaranteed jobs for SFHA workers at Sunnydale, Potrero Hill, and the privately managed
    buildings, on previously Sunnydale and Potrero Hill property, after HQS renovations are
  2. SFHA must repair and maintain all apartments at Sunnydale and Potrero Hill, and address mold, rodents, pests, plumbing and other maintenance issues that are a result of SFHA’s neglect.
  3. Tenants must not be forced to sign new leases with the EBMC; no more residents are to be forced out of their homes for the HOPE SF redevelopment and no more public housing buildings are to be demolished.
  4. EMBC and all other HOPE SF participants must show tenants the new lease agreement and rent calculation documents. All tenants regardless of if they accept Section 8 vouchers must maintain the same rights and cost of living as under SFHA
  5. San Francisco Mayor London Breed must designate permanent funding in the city budget to pay for mixed immigration status families to receive full subsides for rent so that all families

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