NO to the Demolition of the Anna Mae Cole Center in Boston!

This September, the City of Boston and the Boston Housing Authority (BHA), along with a group of developers (Urban Edge, JPNDC, and TCB), are planning to demolish the Anna Mae Cole Center at the Mildred C. Hailey/Bromley-Heath public housing development in Jamaica Plain. The Cole Center is not just an ordinary community center. In addition to serving as a vital resource for residents, it has been a beating heart of working class struggle and Black resistance, including as a focal point of the Black Panther Party’s organizing in Boston. The demolition plans will erase that legacy and privatize a vital community resource. Moreover, they will pave the way for an enormous project of gentrification in Jamaica Plain, with the removal of public housing and the construction of hundreds of expensive apartments.  

Please sign this petition to demand that Anna Mae Cole Center be preserved and designated a historic landmark by the City of Boston. We must show city officials know that we as a community resolutely oppose the planned destruction of Boston’s Black history and the gentrification that will ensue.

This demolition is just step 1 of a larger scheme by the Boston Housing Authority and its developer partners to privatize the Mildred Hailey public housing development that houses the Anna Cole Center. This will accelerate the gentrification of the area. After the Anna Cole Center, they intend to demolish 253 public housing units and replace them with densely packed privately owned apartment buildings—mostly comprised of expensive, fake “AMI”-affordable units. Read more here:

130+ current residents signed a petition against the privatization earlier this year. And over 50 current and former residents signed an application to Boston Landmarks to make the Cole Center a Historic Landmark. We have yet to receive a reply.

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