Report on the Struggle at City Towers

The attached report is the fruit of four months of collaboration between a newly-formed Tenant Association at City Towers housing development in West Oakland and organizers with the UFAD. In it, we detail:

  • The past and present conditions at City Towers
  • Organizing efforts since February of this year and the response from property management and the City of Oakland
  • An assessment of repairs and inspections carried out by management after residents delivered a petition demanding better living conditions
  • An overview of the companies behind City Towers
  • Dozens of quotes, photos, and testimonies from City Towers tenants

We share this document in the hopes not only of exposing the greed and corruption plaguing City Towers, but also of showing tenants across the country that they are not alone in their struggles and that taking simple steps to join together against abuses can start us on a path towards positive change.

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